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Anniversary catalog 25 years

For 25 years МETA Engineering & Production Co has successfully operated on the Russian market of automotive diagnostic equipment and specialised road safety equipment. META’s work is primarily focussed on the development and production of modern hi-tech based diagnostic equipment. 

META started its operations in 1988, in Tashkent, where tasked by the Chief Road Traffic Inspectorate (GAI USSR) the company developed its first environmental monitoring device — МЕТА-01 portable smoke meter. This compact and convenient instrument instantly became popular with Chief Traffic Inspectorate (CTI) and Goskomekologia (State Committee for the Environment). The next pioneering development created by META was the spectrophotometric breathalyser АКPE-01МЕТА, which is still in use and remains the only device used in Russia to test alcoholic intoxication. In the course of 15 years the Company started mass of three popular breathalyser models, including the smallest spectrographic breathalyser with an autonomous power supply: АКPE-01М, which is being supplied in the RF for 4 years now to units of DPS (Road traffic service) of the State automotive inspectorate (SAI). 
At present МЕТА is an engineering & production association of enterprises producing instruments, scientific-technical and study centres, design offices and diagnostic stations. Company’s production programme covers a wide range of diagnostic equipment for State MOT and motor vehicle servicing, environmental monitoring devices, specialised equipment for the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and MoD, electronic personnel and motor vehicle monitoring devices, as well as comprehensive security systems for various facilities. All serially produced systems and instruments were developed on the basis of technical tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and MoD, and are successfully used to ensure transport safety at military and civilian facilities in the Russian federation and CIS. META products were awarded gold medals and diplomas at prestigious international exhibitions and by quality programmes. In 2007, МЕТА was the winner of the All-Russian Competition ‘Safe roads’ in the nomination ‘Best technical diagnostics devices for automotive transport’ and in the nomination ‘Best device for testing drivers for alcohol intoxication level (breathalyser)’. META’s plants for instrument production are equipped with modern automated surface assembly line for electronic components, high-precision machines for die and mould manufacturing, hi-tech lines for the manufacture of optical components and power-measuring sensors, quality control instruments, including RX-soldering control for chip components which ensured improvements in quality and volume of production. At all development and production stages META uses a comprehensive QM system in compliance with international standards ISO 9001-2001/ISO 9001-2000 and GOST RV 15.002-2003. Over 4000 MOT technical inspection and service facilities in Russia and CIS are equipped with instruments and stands produced by META; over 200 000 measurement devices with the name META are used to monitor environmental parameters in transport and for the evaluation of motor vehicles’ technical condition according to road safety requirements in Russia and CIS. META products are successfully used in technical centres of various companies and service stations for Russian and foreign motor vehicles, such as VAZ, КАМАZ, BMW, HYUNDAI, RENAULT, KIA. 
Fast developing network of regional service centres META-SERVICE and technical inspection stations of our subsidiary: ‘Russian technical road safety centre’ demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of our equipment. 
A wide network of META service centres in Russia and CIS is equipped with calibration equipment, repair documentation and testing facilities. Multilevel training system for managers and service engineers, training centres in Almata, Orel, Moscow, Zhigulevsk, Novosibirsk, and Irkutsk, annual seminars and conferences devoted to new product designs, service support and software updates enable us to build a successful business model not only through sales of META produced equipment, but also by by providing services, calibration and verification for devices deployed in the foeld. МЕТА values mutually beneficial cooperation and offers a flexible system of discounts and deferred payments, as well as trade credit schemes. 
A wide-range production programme and on-going product updates based on the latest advancements in technology guarantee effective projects and fast return on investment. 
Company’s new production programme for 2013-2014. 
• Container and block technical inspection stations with axle load of up to 15t.based on mobile roller break tester СТМ 15000U.01М bed with play detector LD – 16000; 
• Mobile technical inspection stations in a trailer based on low-profile roller brake tester with axle loads of from 3 to 13 t.; 
• Trailer loader for braking system testing; 
• Mobile office units in trailers and quickly erected modular capsule type buildings; 
• Automated driver training systems, with road markings recognition systems and compatible with GLONASS navigation system; 
• Low-profile roller braking testers, with axle loads of up to 16 t.; 
• Suspension and shock absorber test stands; 
• Video Highway Code registration systems for traffic regulations violations at pedestrian crossings; 
• Automated weight-control posts based on VA-D portable scales for weighing motor vehicles when moving and stationary; 
• Transport vehicles monitoring system based on GLONASS satellite navigation with on-board safety parameters control function during transportation of special cargo and personnel; 
• ALCOZAMOK driver’s intoxication level monitoring system with GLONASS trackers; 
• TALISMAN automated monitoring systems for personnel location and health tracking. 
• New for 2013! VA-15C-2 and VA -15С-2М low-profile portable scales for control motor vehicle weighing.

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