META-01MP 0.2

META-01MP 0.2

META-01MP 0.2 portable motor vehicle smoke meter

  • The photometric 0.1 and 0.2 bases are adjusted to the 0.43 base.
  • Automatic zero correction and pollution control of optical elements.
  • Telescopic optical sensor handle.
  • Temperature control in the optical channel.
  • Recording of the results and printing of the reports in various diesel operating modes, date, time and motor vehicle license plate.
38 700 pуб.

Specification META-01MP 0.2

Range of smoke measurements - in attenuation ratio units, %

Range of smoke measurements - in absorption ratio units, m-1

Maximum permissible absolute error at absorption ratios of 1.6-1.8 m-1, m-1, no more than

Device photometric, m limit to

Range of operating temperatures, °С
-20 +50

Range of operating temperatures, °С
-20 +50

Dimensions, mm - device unit

Dimensions, mm - optical sensor

Dimensions, mm - control panel

Maximum weight, kg - device unit

Maximum weight, kg - optical sensor

Maximum weight, kg - sample-collection device

Maximum weight, kg - control panel

Maximum weight, kg - smoke control module

Electrical power supply: independent power supply (battery), V

Alphanumeric, backlit

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