AKPE-02M-02 electrochemical

AKPE-02M-02 electrochemical

The AKPE-02M-02 is a portable breath alcohol tester with a demonstrated track record of performance, accuracy and ease of use. AKPE-02M-02 is a handheld breath alcohol tester without external printer and without keyboard.

525 €

Product details AKPE-02M-02 electrochemical

The AKPE-02M  uses an electrochemical sensor that is specific for alcohol - the standard for portable evidential breath testers used by law enforcement. This sensor provides quick response and rapid recycle between tests. The long term stability of the sensor is assured by routine calibration with a breath alcohol simulator.
The service life of the electrochemical sensor for at least 2 years.
Information about the availability of software product:
Analyzers AKPE-02M are accompanied by embedded and external software. Rationing of metrological characteristics was carried out taking into account the fact that the embedded software is an integral part of the analyzers.

External software "AKPE" is designed to collect and save data on the computer from the memory of the analyzer, as well as their subsequent printout. External software ensures no distortion of the measurement results of the analyzers.

The protection of software against unintended and deliberate changes corresponds to the average level of protection in accordance with R 50.2.077-2014.

Specification AKPE-02M-02 electrochemical

Testing range for large concentrations of ethanol vapor in breath
from 0 to 2,000 mg / l

Range of indications
from 0 to 2,500 mg / l

Maximum absolute error in the 0 - 0.200 mg / l range
± 0.020 mg / l

Limits of relative error in the 0.200 - 1.500 range
± 8 %

Measurement time after sampling, secs

Warm-up time following switching on at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) º C, sec

Warm-up time following testing at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) º C, sec

Analyzer operating time without adjustment of indications at least
12 months

Power supply
- automobile on-board power (12,6 ± 2) V - built-in rechargeable battery; - AC adapter and charger (5 ± 0,25) V

Number of tests without battery re-charge
at least 500

Ambient temperature range, ° C
from minus 5 to plus 50

Relative humidity of ambient air at a temperature of 25 °C, %
no more than 98

Range of atmospheric pressure, kPa
from 66.6 to 106.6

Overall dimensions, mm, no more than

Weight, kg, not more

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